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The journey to having senso restaurant become a reality was long, but the experience needed in every aspect of customer satisfation was the golden result of this journey . At senso, the staff have been trained to serve at cutting edge standards. The food is not just good, its incredible. At senso we dont get satisfied with “good”. Only “incredible”.

We decided to let others experience the epic taste of kabobs and stews that were the core of our own dinner tables, and our Royal Hot Kabobs were born.

“Serving customers at a quality that we want to be served at other restaurants, played a huge role in our today’s reputation”
> Chef Sana.N

Recent Reviews:

 What People are Saying 


“The staff are really friendly and the food is awesome. We’ve gone a couple times and our favourites are the quinoa tabouli salad and the kofte plate. Definitely recommend this place!”

Emily Bartsch

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“We dropped in for breakfast after our first plans fell through. What a delightful find! Breakfast was delicious and beautifully presented, the coffee was amazing, and the staff was awesome. Great, family friendly spot – can’t wait to come back to try dinner! “


“A Great Find”

This place is an absolute gem. Try going in for dinner, you wont regret it. Around 6 to 10 pm is the best time. They also have an amazing breakfast and lunch menu if you want to go earlier.

Daniel Mosavi

Senso Restaurant

Why Do They Love Us?

Daily Fresh Menus

At Senso, we know the power and taste of serving fresh food. We want our customers to experience an epic meal with their family that they tell their friends about.


Quality should be the first thing diners pay attention to when taking their family to a restaurant. Thats why we always look at our quality from the customers view so we can keep our high quality standards each time a customer visits us.

Menu Variations

 At senso, we have a variety of menu items so there can be something for every type of customer. From Breakfast to Dinner, senso has invested alot to design a unique and desirable menu.

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